Hector Monsegur

Chief Researcher, Rhino Security Labs - former hacktivist

As Chief Researcher, Hector Monsegur brings a unique perspective from decades of offensive experience and a desire to make an impact in client security. In his role as a security researcher, he has identified countless zeroday vulnerabilities and contributed to dozens of tools and exploits. As a blackhat, Monsegur highlighted critical vulnerabilities in numerous organizations, including governments, military organizations, and cybersecurity firms. In working with the US Government, he identified key vulnerabilities - and potential attacks - against major federal infrastructure, including the US military and NASA. Since working with US government and commercial security executives around the world, he has helped prevent upwards of 300 cyberattacks. Continuing his security and vulnerability research at Rhino Security Labs, Monsegur works to secure clients in technology, healthcare, finance, government, and other industries.

Memoir of a Former Black Hat: Hector Monsegur: Perspectives from an Adversary

Hector Monsegur - Chief Researcher, Rhino Security Labs  •   • 

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