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Questions and Answers

 What is a membership?

In short, Premium Membership is the only way to gain unrestricted access to all content, exclusive education and special convenience and productivity features on our site.

 What exclusive content do only Premium Members have access to?

Only Premium Members have access to our entire curriculum of 1800+ sessions, all recorded proceedings from ISMG Summits, live interactive Q&A sessions with industry experts, and in-depth interviews with information security luminaries. Other registered users have no option to access this content and are limited to ~20 scheduled webinar sessions.

 What features are exclusive to Premium Members?

Premium Members receive additional convenience and productivity features to utilize our vast educational resource. OnDemand access to all sessions, unlimited session viewing capabilities, downloadable presentation materials, educational transcript tracking, monthly CPE hour reports, and suggested content provide ease-of-use for our Premium Members.

 Is membership individual-based or for the entire organization?

Membership is custom fit to your organization, no matter the size. Many institutions provide this access enterprise-wide to meet their information security, risk management, compliance and fraud teams' needs. However, due to our transcript tracking feature, membership must be associated to each specific user.

 Do I earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for the sessions I attend?

Yes. In fact, we are in partnerships with (ISC)2 and ISSA. We make it easy for certified members to earn and report CPE credit hours. Premium Members can utilize their transcript to submit proof-of-attendance to certifying associations and senior management. The transcript can be filtered by topic and e-mailed or printed with session title, date, member name and total hours earned to satisfy each specific certification's requirements.

 Can I sign up my entire group as part of the membership?

Absolutely, and discounted rates are available for teams as small as 4. We have a custom offering for teams of all sizes. An increasing number of organizations are relying on us to supplement their information security, risk management, compliance and fraud educational needs. In fact, the larger the team, the more cost-effective membership becomes.

 Can I as a manager see a report on who has attended which sessions?

Yes. We provide managers with free administrative access to your team's transcript, making it easy to keep track of educational progress. Our transcript interface also allows Premium Members to e-mail their transcript directly to managers at any time during their membership. This easy-to-use transcript interface can be filtered by category and date to help drill down for each specific business group's requirements and educational goals.

 I don't work for a banking institution. Will I benefit from the Membership?

Risk management and information security professionals in any industry will benefit from the ISMG Premium Membership. The majority of presentations are purposefully designed so that any information security and risk management professionals, regardless of industry, will be able to enhance their understanding of each topic presented.

 I am not a technologist. Will I benefit from the Membership?

A subset of our training sessions do focus on more technical topics. However, the majority are produced for non-tech professionals. Besides technology-focused training sessions, we offer classes dealing with governance and management, compliance, fraud, vendor management, business continuity/disaster recovery and more.

 I am not involved with the day-to-day operations of the organization I am with. Will I benefit from the Membership?

Yes. Risk management and information security is something every person within an organization needs to be cognizant of. With dozens of classes on many diversified topics, there are presentations that will be applicable to anyone within an organization.

 I am not based in the United States. Will I benefit from these sessions?

Yes. Our curriculum is constantly expanding and we have released specific sessions and research dedicated to the European, Canadian and APAC markets. While our headquarters in in the U.S. and several of our sessions may be specific to U.S.-based regulations, most of our education deals with information security and risk management standards and guidelines that are applicable to all professionals around the world.

 Who are the typical presenters for the sessions under the Membership program?

Typical presenters for our sessions are real practitioners. They are risk management and information security professionals, regulators and industry experts who speak directly from experience. Each presenter must go through a rigorous screening process to ensure they are able to offer unique, actionable advice for whichever topic they are presenting on. View our expanding speaker faculty.

 What types of topics are covered in these sessions?

The training curriculum covers a wide range of risk management and information security topics. The courses are grouped into the following topic areas: Governance & Management, Fraud, Compliance, BSA/Anti-Money Laundering, Vendor Management, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Privacy, Technology and IT Audits. For more specifics, filter our entire course library by topic.

 Do I get to ask specific questions either during or after the sessions (preferably directly to the instructor)?

Yes. Every webinar includes a Q&A session and attendees are encouraged to ask questions. Any questions that are not addressed during the presentation will be answered afterwards. Premium Members may also submit questions after viewing a webinar via our online dedicated webinar response form.

 How do I pay for Membership?

You can purchase any of our ISMG Premium Membership options directly through one of our websites or via a dedicated account representative. We also offer monthly payment options as an added convenience.

 I already attend industry conferences. Why do I need the Membership?

ISMG understands the value of in-person events. In fact, we organize a variety of summits throughout the year. While these industry conferences do afford some level of networking opportunities, the education provided must all be absorbed on-site in real-time. An ISMG Premium Membership is 100% focused on true education and career advancement and is continually updated. Premium Members also gain access to all aforementioned ISMG Summits through recorded summit proceedings. In addition, there are no travel expenses, time out of the office or non education-based social interaction.

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