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Zero Trust and the Flaming Sword of Justice

Zero Trust and the Flaming Sword of Justice

Security debt is a real problem for most organizations in the world today, and attackers will utilize this to their advantage. In addition to keeping system hygiene at front of mind, defenders need to focus on proper network zone segmentation or, the more popular term these days, zero-trust networks. The old conceptual style of a castle wall and moat to defend a network was deprecated several years ago. As a result of the dissolution of the traditional perimeter, a stronger focus has to be placed on the strength of authentication, authorization, and trust models for the users.

The antiquated notion of an information security practitioner running through the office brandishing their flaming sword of justice above their heads screaming "thou shall not pass" has at long last reached the denouement. Whether you are responsible for the security in a financial organization or one that makes teddy bears it is necessary to adapt and learn to trust, but verify.

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