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How to (Tackle, Address, Mitigate, Manage, etc.) Your Open Source Risks

How to (Tackle, Address, Mitigate, Manage, etc.) Your Open Source Risks

Today's modern applications are made up of a significant percentage of open source libraries, components, and packages. As a result, organizations must recognize, accept, and oversee how and where open source is used in the products and services delivered to their customer base.

Although organizations acknowledge a heightened level of security, license, and operational risk, unfortunately, most don't effectively track or manage open source throughout their entire code base and cannot easily address the widening hazards they face. Are you one of the organizations that lack automated, repeatable processes for open source usage, risk management, and remediation? In this session, attendees will hear recommendations on how to tackle the following:

  • Open source selection and approval processes as it enters a code base
  • Inventory and tracking of open source usage
  • Monitoring, identification, and mitigation of security vulnerabilities
  • License compliance efforts to avoid risk of potential litigation
  • Prioritization of security risks and automated workflows to accelerate remediation
  • Enforcement of open source security policies throughout development pipelines

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