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Blockchain: Enhancing Authentication for Enterprise Security and Fraud Prevention

Blockchain:  Enhancing Authentication for Enterprise Security and Fraud Prevention

According to a recent Gartner report, Blockchain distributed ledger technology has reached the peak of its hype cycle and remains at the peak of inflated expectations. It offers enormous promise, but enterprises are unsure how to extract business value from it. The questions raised: What are the applications of a public or private blockchain in their respective domains? Will blockchain technology help cybersecurity or be a hindrance?

Some experts argue that blockchain technology can help enterprises address age-old cyber risk challenges, such as digital identities and maintaining data integrity, by securing and preventing fraudulent/malicious activity through its consensus mechanism. Several proof-of-concept projects are underway in India, and banking is leading the way.

This session offers insights on:

  • Blockchain's applicability to the enterprise security and fraud-prevention framework;
  • How DLT has helped in enhancing authentication and secure applications without the need for any centralized authority or identity management;
  • The value drivers for the blockchain initiatives underway;
  • Establishing identity and preventing fraud using blockchain technology

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