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Former NSA Technical Director on Threat Intelligence

Former NSA Technical Director on Threat Intelligence

Former NSA Technical Director and world renowned expert in innovative approaches to cyber operations, Jim Penrose, will lead a discussion solving complex cyber challenges for enterprises. As thought leader in the intelligence community, Jim will delve into what it takes to discover cyber threats in spite of a cyber security paradigm that has a stunning track record of failure. He will outline how an intelligence driven approach to discovery makes it possible to identify unknown/unknowns in a context that makes them relevant.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Intelligence driven approaches to cyber detection
  • Strategies for quickly identifying "unknown unknowns" in corporate and industrial networks
  • Applied methodologies of cyber attacks using the latest in machine learning technology and advanced mathematics


Amid constant technological innovations, a prime concern is the ability to defend against serious cyber-attacks perpetrated by sophisticated and intelligent threat actors, both from within the organization or from the outside. The situation has escalated rapidly to the boardroom and constitutes a top priority across all sectors.

We now live with the possibility that data can be changed somehow, without the owner or guardian of that data knowing about it, that even the best-defended organizations in the world are vulnerable to lone individuals capable of destroying corporate brands and public trust, and that critical infrastructure systems carry major vulnerabilities and risk of operationally crippling attacks.

What happens when 500,000 bank account balances are changed? Or when confidential client information ends up in the wrong hands outside of the organization?

This webinar will discuss fundamentally new approaches to cyber intelligence and defense, including:

  • How to refine understanding and detection of subtle traces of compromise within your organization's changing environment;
  • Detecting threats that have not yet been seen, the 'unknown unknowns', including sophisticated APTs or insider threats;
  • How machine learning technology and mathematics can be combined to detect threats in real time that are in your organization today or will emerge on your systems tomorrow.

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