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CEO Bob Carr on EMV & Payments Security

CEO Bob Carr on EMV & Payments Security

From Target to JPMorgan Chase, the past 12 months have seen one massive data breach after another, and for many organizations payments security remains a serious liability.

In this webinar, CEO Bob Carr at Heartland Payment Systems shares how Heartland was able to navigate through what was in 2009 the largest breach on record. Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to get in front of cyber-attacks before they happen;
  • The changing landscape in Payments Security, and how it affects financial institutions;
  • The role of end-to-end encryption, tokenization and EMV.


While under direct attack, businesses are looking for solutions to mitigate data breaches. But the landscape for payments security is changing fast. This webinar will provide clarity on the different technologies and standards related to payments security, as well as a view forward and how these technologies are likely to play out. Until recently, many companies opted to keep their old payment hardware and encrypt payment card data in databases. But the move to EMV creates an opportunity to change out the credit card hardware and while doing that, many merchants and processors are taking a data-centric approach to encrypt card data from the instant it is read through to the processing host, followed by PAN tokenization in the back-end, for protection in post-authorization processes. Please join us!

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