2021 Virtual Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit: London , Events

Security in the Age of 'You Can't Trust Anything'

Security in the Age of 'You Can't Trust Anything'

Andrzej Kawalec's perspective on security, privacy and human behavior is honed in part by Vodafone serving 625 million customers globally, and having to treat security not just as a series of technical controls, but something much more holistic.

As the pandemic continues, concepts such as ""Zero Trust"" have now become essential. So too in this era of empty offices and working from home is working to secure the lowest common denominators - employees, laptops, home routers, mobile devices.

In this exclusive session, Kawalec discusses:

  • Strategizing information security in a post-pandemic era
  • The importance of focusing not just on technology but also people, reputation, brand and security lowest common denominators
  • Why organizations need to move from a reliant to a resilient mindset, and essential steps for getting there
  • Creating norms for out-of-office security incident management and response, and risk assessment
  • Delivering on the concept of security as a right for all

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